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Color electrophotographic fluorine coating aluminum profiles
Color electrophotographic fluorine coating aluminum profiles has the dual advantages of electrophoresis and fluorocarbon coating, the coating is evenly strong, not powder, do not fade, fluorine atom-containing resin and acrylic hybrid nano-coating, showing the power of fluorine aluminum good weather resistance, grinding, acid, impact resistance, ultraviolet radiation, anti-static, anti-bacterial and fire and mechanical processing performance, but also has a longer life, up to 80 years, better aesthetics decorative and self-cleaning ability. Color electrophotographic fluorine coating is better than electrophoresis which have the single common color,  rich colors, elegant color, with good metallic and decorative, can eliminate the strong electrophoresis profiles mirror surface reflecting light, avoid light pollution, is the latest aluminum surface treatment technology and high-performance products.
Color electrophotographic fluorine aluminum to fill the domestic blank aluminum is the preferred military, civilian home construction profiles. As an environmentally friendly product, color electrophotographic fluorine coating material in the production process, the recovery rate of over 99%, almost no organic waste emissions.